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When I first started in the world of photography, I thought to myself - ‘how could the world possibly stand to take another image shoved under its nose?’ I wondered if anyone would ever want to look at another pretty picture of someone they don’t know doing something they don’t care about?

My quest to create beautiful images, whilst ensuring they meant something to someone began and I lead myself (or the world lead me to) this solution: To take images that provoke an emotional connection in some way, so they mean something to someone now and will hopefully go on meaning something to someone for years to come. You can’t fabricate real moments, they are fleeting, sometimes complex and not always typically beautiful. Yet they are all around. And they are beautiful in their own right. My solution is to capture these connections in a simple, honest way, which stands for something true in a world that *might* be busy looking at pretty pictures.

So thats it, thats why I take pictures in a nutshell. The where’s and who’s of my picture taking doesn't matter, people will hopefully continue to identify the real moments in the images I take.

This is a picture of a young man and his mother from a forum for Sense, the deafblind charity. I think it demonstrates what I know about photography. Thanks to you wonderful people for letting me use your image.

Amy-Rose is a Birmingham photographer, specialising in portraits and documentary wedding photography. She works predominantly in and around Solihull, Birmingham and the West Midlands, but will happily travely further afield for UK wedding photography and family photo shoots. Have a destination wedding or a family holiday you would like photographing? Why not enquire to see how her packages can work for you.

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