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Bex and Jim - The Beacon House - Kent Wedding Photography

I had been waiting so long for this Wedding and in spite of its shape shifting qualities (different venues, dates, guests… same couple of course) it seemed like it was always meant to be this way.

Rebecca and Jim and their floral, art-deco inspired, fish and chips-by-the sea beach Fest happened in Whitstable, Kent and the weather turned out bloody ace!

Beacon House is such a charming and quirky venue with a circular porch and views out onto the beach. Their wedding was a quintessentially British seaside affair with 15 family guests - plus a visit from the ice cream man and Dennis the Parsons Terrier. I feel like if Ava Gardener and a Wes Anderson were to meet, this is what their wedding would look like.

Thanks for a great day out at the coast and for factoring me into your Wedding postponement journey. You pair are absolute diamonds!



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