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Your Wedding, Your Vision

Last weekend I had my first wedding fayre of the Autumn. I came away feeling exhilarated and even more enthusiastic about wedding photography than I was before. This was because of the connection that I shared with those few people that stopped by for a chat. Not everybody was interested. Infact a good chunk of people passed me by. I just wasn't what they were looking for and that was absolutely fine. I've come to realise that its those whom REALLY looked at my photos, those whom saw themselves in my photos that will book with me. Its those whom are passionate about photography, but also that share the same vision as me. That love, connection, and your relationship are the most important things, not only in photography, but in life. Your vision is aided by the gut feeling you get when you encounter something for the first time. Its that rush of inspiration you get when you start planning your wedding, where your thoughts run wild and you are in a really 'switched on' state. Inspiration often comes to me when I'm driving, which can be really annoying because I find myself desperately planning how quickly I can get home, take my shoes off, get the shopping in and get to my camera or computer as quickly as possible. I don't want the feeling to fade. This probably all sounds a bit emotional - but thats the point. Weddings ARE emotional. If you feel cold at a wedding, you're missing the point. The best bit is, your wedding will be your vision. You will of course want a photographer who shares that vision, which is why I am quite relaxed to know that my vision doesn't suit everyone. But it might suit yours. I also have my own visions for a wedding (I'm not yet married by the way!) and you can find them here on a Pinterest board I have started. I know that in reality, my wedding won't be as grand and decadent as the pictures here, and I certainly won't look like the models in those chic 50's wedding dresses. But, that's fine. Because it will be mine and I will choose a photographer whom really 'sees' me. Amy-Rose x PS, I will be at the Birmingham REP Wedding Fair on Sunday 8th November 11am-4pm. Let's have a chat.

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