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The Darkroom

photographing real beauty

The Darkroom is all about photographing real beauty. It is an active middle finger to todays attitude towards body 'perfection', one that we're constantly made aware of. My goal is to make you feel strong and beautiful, shooting in a way that focuses on the parts of you that you are most proud of. 


The idea behind these shoots is to celebrate your body and everything it does for you in its own unique way.  You will not look like an airbrushed pin up model or a wax work; instead you will look like you, but the best version of yourself.


do it for you

Most importantly, do it for you. You might want to get this as a present for your partner maybe, but most of all this should be a wonderful, empowering experience.  


Your Darkroom shoot will take place  in a small lodge in Worcestershire - a beautiful setting with plenty of countryside around. We also work with highly experienced and professional hair and makeup artists who will talk you through a few options before your shoot. 

Amy-Rose is a Birmingham based documentary wedding photographer, specialising in relaxed, natural imagery. Amy-Rose is also a relaxed family photographer based in Birmingham. She works closely with famies with autism and disability to produce natural, relaxed photographs.

new addition - portrait video

Your portrait - a moving image  In addition to your Darkroom photography, video will be taken along side, so you can always add on to your download and print package at a later date. Take a look at The Darkroom brochure - these are included in both Harlow and Taylor packages.   


For those of you hoping to produce Instagram reels - video's could easily be divided up into 5/6 parts to showcase more from your shoot.  

The aim is to tell the story of your wild and  beautiful femininity. 

Listen to ...

The Audacious Babe Podcast


"The Darkroom was originally created by Amy-Rose out of a personal project as she herself has been going through a journey of self-discovery with her own body..."

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