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2015 Family Round Up

As I put together this post I am reminded of my own childhood. How small the world seemed then because it was all about those two people that were there to protect and to show me how to do stuff.

My parents were my entire world until I started at school and then everything started to grow a bit bigger and a bit more exciting as I began to explore. Even to this day I have to remind myself that that life is all about growth and learning and mainly accepting that theres a lot of grey to the black and white of life.

So these childhoods that I have the privilege to photograph are not only precious because they remind proud parents of just how amazing and interesting their children are, they also serve as a document for the child thats growing into a person and how quickly all of this happens.

There’s a bit of a mixture in here - as I work with every different kind of family, it means that sometimes its not the two parents and child set up, sometimes its about the friends and other relationships that all contribute to childhood and learning.

Thank you to all you parents and carers whom trusted me to take pictures with your little ones this year! Its something that I love doing and cant wait for more families to photograph in 2016.

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