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Yiannis' Christening - Birmingham Events Photographer

I often get asked about photographing non-wedding events, Christenings, Birthdays, engagement Shoots, newborn shoots, family shoots and the answer is yes, I do them all :)

From my perspective any event that offers me an opportunity to work with people and capture something important to them, then I'm down with it. The more I photograph, the more I know what it is exactly that I am looking for - emotion and connection. For me, these are the most important things in life and they don't only occur on a wedding day.

Emotions such as Yannis' big brother shedding a tear because he loves him so much and wants to protect him from the world.. Or the warm greeting of family member whom you haven't seen in years. Or the pride in a parents eyes that this little being is growing up all too fast and they can barely catch their breath.

Thank you so much to Yiannis and his family for having me along to his Christening at St. Andrews Church Birmingham and then reception at The Village Hotel, Walsall..

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