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Catching up with the Simpsons

Its been nearly a year since I last met up with these guys for some family photos. I LOVE that I get to repeat the process of photographing families a year on. So many things have changed, yet it all feels comfortable and familiar.

Maddie has now happily found her feet. She pretty much tears around the house and garden and is super inquisitive. She also possesses the power to knock you down with her frown - its one that goes straight through you and you find yourself asking 'what could I have possibly done that is THAT bad?'. Fortunately the smiles far outweigh them, so balance is quickly restored.

My family shoots work best when I take a documentary approach, so I'll probably suggest a time and want to come a bit earlier, to make sure I get all the in between stuff too. Putting on shoes and coats, eating breakfast, whatever you really do before you plan an activity.

We were super fortunate with the weather, as I know Mom was keen on some autumnal leaf-lobbing type shots. It was one of those gorgeous, crisp, yellowy Autumn Sunday's. However, if you are considering a shoot like this and the forecast is horrendous, we always have the option to reschedule.

If you're interested in a family shoot like the Simpson's, give me a call on 07920797286/ e-mail, or if you would like to have a quick look at my prices and what you get, you can check that out here.

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