The trip of a lifetime - Disney World Florida, Destination Dreams 2016 with Caudwell Children

I think I’ve started this blog post about six times but I’ve not been able to really find the best words to describe this trip, not sure I ever will. So I guess I'll just tell it from my own perspective, fully aware that I'll never do it justice; I just hope that perhaps some of the photos can speak for themselves and give a small indication of the weight of this trip and the lasting experience it has left me with.

There are a couple of photo's that I think sum up, for me what the trip was about. There are so many photos, what you see here is just a tiny fraction of all the memories and moments captured. The first one is of a Dad and his daughter at Sea World. The look of total adoration in his eyes; his daughter is smiling and she is happy, a fleeting moment in a whole whirlwind of a trip. The best thing is that amidst all of the things going on around them, they share this small moment together and to me it appears that time stands still for them.