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Jodie & Arran - Tower of London and Tom's Kitchen, St.Katherine's Docks

It wasn't until after I had put the phone down with Jodie that it really sunk in... had I really just had an enquiry for a wedding at The Tower of London?! My brain couldn't really compute this information, so I googled 'The Tower of London' as if by doing so, it was sort of going to help me understand our phone call.

It was. So, true to form I went all giddy and had to tell someone - Mom it was.

Skip to the wedding - I took the train down the night before the big day to get my bearings and also to meet up with Jodie, Arran and their family and friends who would be supporting them the next day. Despite the fact that it was in such a grand location, I got the impression immediately that this was going to be a really lovely, intimate day and one that would suit Jodie and Arrans personalities perfectly.

The reception was hosted at Tom's Kitchen in St.Katherines Docks too - a really cosy and fun restaurant where Jodie and Arran could dance the night away to The National Youth Jazz Orchestra. Along with Jodie's amazing floristry skills for the table decor, and an array of homemade cakes, the place looked just perfect.

Needless to say their wedding was such an incredible experience and working with Jodie and Arran gave me a few insights about myself that I will take with me through the rest of my photography career, but thats another blog post.

Cheers Jodie and Arran! x

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