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Louise and Paddy - Holmes Mill - Clitheroe Wedding Photography

Easter Sunday 2018... whilst the rest of the UK was getting their sugar fill, Paddy and Louise were getting their wed on!

I first met Louise through working with Caudwell Children, a charity for disabled children and their families. She helps plan once in a life-time trips to Disney Land Florida for 25 of these families and I got to join them on one back in 2016. Louise is incredibly passionate about her work and I believe may have got in contact for her wedding photos based on the photographs I took in Florida for the charity that year. I'm going back December this year and I can't wait! Anyway, back to their wedding...

Their beautiful Holmes Mill wedding hit the perfect balance of industrial and chic. Their day was a crazy whirlwind of love, laughter, friendship, drinking, singing and dancing and quite literally left me breathless by the end of it. I loved every second and they were so much fun to work with.

Paddy and his groomsmen too were a laugh, keen to keep things as low-key and natural as possible (yes please, all day) I had to be quick to keep up with them. Paddy and Louise clearly entertain each other for hours on end - they have that kind of couples banter that is equal parts loving and I'll-be-the-first-to-call-you-up-on-something. I love that.

Love to you both and a huge congratulations!!

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