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James and Damien - The Round Chapel, Islington - London Wedding Photography

James and Damien gave very definition to the word 'party' on their Wedding Day and I truly felt very honoured to be able to capture it all for them. There's was an all day - emotion fuelled - love all over - Jewish/Scottish inspired kinda danceathon with speeches, food and of course the actual Wedding ceremony itself, conducted by a close friend of the couple. They chose the magnificent Round Chapel Islington for the first part, complete with Kaylee dancing, a giant Caramel, alternative wedding cake construction, Cornetto ice-creams and pizza, message writing on luggage tags, and of course, not forgetting the illustrious Master of Ceremonies Dr Sharon Husbands who kept order through out this incredible day... then the Arcola Theatre for their late night after party, which was just incredible! I saw shapes cut that I didn't even know were possible!

To see these guys get married was an emotional ride for anyone involved. You can see how much love is between them and anyone witness to this surely broke down in tears at some point. Truly, thank you so much for having me involved on your wedding day James and Damien and also thanks so much for keeping me posted on your movements going forward into married life - I know you've recently grown your family with a little baby boy and I couldn't be happier for you both!

Without further a 'do, here's their day in photos:

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