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Liz and Jamez at Paintworks, Bristol - Bristol Wedding Photography

Liz and Jamez... WHAT. A. WEDDING.

Looking back through these photos takes me back to their day in an instance. The warmth of the summer, the energy and excitement of the morning bridal prep and the wild sounds of Town of Cats Band into the evening. One of those endlessly wonderful Summer nights, I cant wait for them to return and thank you so much to Liz and Jamez for all that you gave to the photography.

I'm not too sure where to start here. These guys planned out the most spectacular, effortlessly-cool wedding, it really was off-the-.hook. There was lots of orange, pineapples and fans, a glitter cave, paella, sunshine in both real and conceptual form (check out the orange circle in the ceremony room), a cake with lights built inside, aperol spritz, gorgeous outfits (see Liz's earrings!), a musical best man's speech, a serenade of 'The Most beautiful I Girl in the Room' by Flight of the Conchords and of course a performance from the incredible Town Of Cats to finish everybody off. These guys truly were a dream to work with and such a joy to capture them hosting their amazing bash at Paintworks in Bristol.

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