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- A book inspired, written, designed and photographed by strong women.

Camille, Cambridge, August 2020

Hi! I'm Amy-Rose and I'm a photographer and powerlifter. I'm currently in the process of putting together a Kickstarter campaign for my photo book - 'Power - a Journey through the lives of strong women'. The book gives insight into the world of female powerlifters: their personal training journeys, the communities they train in and competitions they take part in. It also aims to provide a short insight into my own experiences with this relatively niche sport. 

Cover Design by Pascale Aliphon

Within this book, I share photographs of the lifters I have come to know and whom I now consider friends. What motivated them to begin powerlifting? And more importantly, what keeps them going on their journey? A lot of these photographs have been taken during the Coronavirus pandemic, whereby athletes were pushed to train from home with minimal kit - some using house bricks, bands, kettle bells, basically anything they could get their hands on. 

Beth, Gloucestershire, August 2020

I focus specifically on women to bring attention to the female strength athlete as an equal amongst men. Throughout the book, the reader will meet 32 lifters currently competing at all levels within the sport - Locally, Nationally and Internationally. These images are of empowered women, who, amongst many of their achievements have also eschewed the lingering societal assumptions about female physical ability, in pursuit of their passion. In sharing these athletes’ stories, I hope that more women are inspired to forge their own pathway in life, to speak their mind, and determine their own ideal of what success means to them.

Temi, London, July 2020

This Kickstarter campaign will be used to raise funds for a print order of 1000 copies of this book. I am now in receipt of the final copy from my book designer and it is now my dream to see these photographs come to life in print and hopefully spread a little of that powerlifter 'can do' attitude. Shooting for this project so far has been entirely self funded - from the book design and copywriting, to my own time producing the work and not to mention travel to take me to these various locations over the UK. In raising £15,000 my budget includes cost of the print order only, Kickstarter fees, postage and packaging, so it is truly down to your support as groups and individuals to make this project viable.

Bobbie, Preston, June 2020

The Kickstarter campaign will launch in October and run for one month. I plan to have my goal of £15,000 in pledges with a higher and lower reward which will hopefully be raised by early to mid November 2020. The book its self will be hard backed, with aluminium foiling, printed and bound in the UK with 150 pages and I will update as the prototypes come through. I'm aiming to have the book reward alone through Kickstarter at around £35 RRP, which I hope will appeal to all those with an interest in lifting in general, but in particular young women considering getting into the sport. Book production will complete by early December and I can begin posting out these beautiful books to backers in time for Christmas.

Shaz, Carlisle, July 2020

It's my personal belief that the world needs to see more images of empowered women, chasing their goals in their chosen sport. This book aims to inspire and encourage both women and men to follow whatever it is that excites them in life; with the self belief that they are more than capable to pursue whatever it is their heart desires, in spite of often conflicting societal pressures.

Bryony, Kidderminster, December 2019

This project to me, has been a total labour of love but also kept me occupied during lockdown periods in the pandemic. As most of my work has been postponed (I'm a wedding photographer by trade) this has literally been the ray of light thats kept me productive. It would mean the world to me and the lifters that have been part of it, to see this project in all its glory.

Kelly, Redditch, January 2020

The end goal for this project is that I want every woman to be able to give herself the permission to believe in who she is and what she can achieve. To embrace the confidence and assertiveness she will feel as a result of being stronger both physically and mentally. To feel empowered by the choices she makes in life and her lifting progression. The journey of self acceptance is one she will go on alone and realising her true capabilities will come when she does not feel objectified or quantified by herself or anyone else. The women in this book know that their 'power' is indeed limitless.

Beth, Gloucestershire, May 2020



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