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Rosie and matt - Cripps stone barn - cotswolds wedding photographer

As far as couples go, these too were absolute diamonds. Their day was a wet one, admittedly (it didn't stop aaaaaalll day apart from 30 minutes between main course and dessert). But, in spite of that, they had the wedding of their dreams. You can only plan for so much on your wedding and a certain amount of 'letting the day be its own' is really important.

Rosie and Matts wedding weekend is very much about friends and family. I had the privilege of being with them for the main bit, but the couple are continuing the celebrations all weekend in their party house, just down the road from their wedding venue. Today is BBQ today.

Cripps Barn was their chosen venue after a ceremony in St.Mary's church, Cheltenham, which had personal connection to the couple.

Thanks so much for inviting me into your party weekend guys, it was truly amazing and you guys were flipping awesome!



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