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Contribute to this project



  • About the project 'Power'

    'Power' is a book inspired, written, designed and photographed by strong women. The book gives insight into the world of female powerlifters: their personal training journeys, the communities they train in, competitions they take part in and their ‘why’ with training. It also aims to provide a short insight into my own experiences with this relatively niche sport. Pledge your support for this project or get your own copy - link in bio.


    The end goal for this project is that I want every woman to be able to give herself the permission to believe in who she is and what she can achieve. To embrace the confidence and assertiveness she will feel as a result of being stronger both physically and mentally. To feel empowered by the choices she makes in life and her lifting progression. Pledge your support to this project or get your own copy - link in bio.

  • Where your money goes

    As you all know, myself and the awesome powerlifters involved in this project have poured their heart and soul into a Kickstarter for 'Power'. Unfortunately it didn't quite make its funding goal, however the support from individuals and businesses has been incredible.


    If you would like to support the project in any way without a book reward, I would be eternally grateful. There is no financial backing to the bulk print order, but I want to make sure everyone has a copy that wants one!


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