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Limited First Edition [Mask]ulinity (Hardback)
  • Limited First Edition [Mask]ulinity (Hardback)

    [Mask]ulinity is a documentary-style photo book which shines a spotlight on around 30 professional British sportsmen. Through the medium of sport, these revered, respected and often idolised men are peeling back the mask and revealing never-before-shared experiences, vulnerabilities and glimpses into their personal lives. With ever-mounting pressure on men to behave, speak and even look a certain way, [Mask]ulinity is more than a photo book about male athletes. This human study explores the diverse themes affecting them today; generational, environmental, societal, emotional and mental. For these men, performing in the public eye goes far beyond medals and trophies, often bestowing them with labels of ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘aggressive’ and ‘alpha’ to the pressurised expectation of ‘stoic’, ‘heroic’ and even ‘invincible’.


    Photographed by Amy-Rose Deffley and interviews and writing by Tamar Aliphon.


    50% of sale price will be donated to Tough Enough To Care - Mens Mental Health Charity.


      [Mask]ulinity is a series of interviews and photos which focus on the role masculinity plays in defining the athlete’s identity at work, in sports, in their social and personal lives. 

      50% of all book sales will be donated to Tough Enough to Care. Find out more about the incredible work by this charity here:


      Size: 8 x 11.5 inches (A4)

      Page count: 212 

      Hardback, casebound

      Weight: 1.4kg


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      Product is shipped within 3-5 business days. Please e-mail (or use the contact form below) if you would like to order to outside of the UK.

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