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Amy-Rose is a Birmingham based documentary wedding photographer, specialising in relaxed, natural imagery. Amy-Rose is also a relaxed family photographer based in Birmingham. She works closely with famies with autism and disability to produce natural, relaxed photographs.


In addition to your wedding photography packages, you will receive one of my signiture Time Capsule Wedding Jars! Your jar will hold an abundance of memories from your big day and will be engraved with your name and wedding date. The best part is, its all taken care of by me! Whilst you are concentrating on having a blast, I will be collecting away, before and during your wedding day.

What goes in it?


But to name a few ideas: wedding photos, information about your wedding location, a cork, wedding favours, menus, postcards, album artwork, dried flowers, wedding invites, movie and gig tickets, memories from the early days of your relationship and maybe personal messages from guests at your wedding.


If you would like to find out more about wedding day packages see here.

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