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You may be sat there wondering ‘Am I even ready to shoot a Wedding and how do I go about working with a real couple?' Or ‘I’ve shot a few Weddings and had the most fun I’ve ever had and got paid for it, I want to make this my full time job.


Well, fear not. I've got your back friend. Click here to download my 1:1 brochure.


Wherever you are on the journey to self employment and turning your creativity into the dream job, we talk you through what to expect on the day, how to navigate those tricky situations and also what we have learnt from running our own successful Wedding Photography and Videography businesses over the past 8 years, working with clients, wedding guests and a host of other suppliers and venues.


In each episode we cover the various mistakes we have made in order to save you from making them too. The importance of great customer service and empathy when working with clients who are quite possibly camera shy, people management and most importantly how you don’t face becoming overwhelmed with workflow. Really this is the business of working with people and Weddings - how to make your life easier so you can reach that illusive work/life balance.


Both Amy-Rose and Agne are taking 1:1 zoom sessions for clients who wish to start their own Wedding Videography/Photography business. They would love to share their wisdom and nuggets of gold to aid you in your journey - please do e-mail to book in with Amy-Rose (photography) or to book in with Agne (Videography).

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You may be sat there wondering ‘What is a Wedding and how do I go about shooting it?’ Or ‘I’ve shot a few Weddings and had the most fun I’ve ever had and got paid for it, I want to make this my full time job. 

Well, fear not. Amy-Rose and Agne got your back friend. We put together a YouTube series about just this subject. 

In Episode One Agne and Amy-Rose break down the benefits of working in a ‘media team’ so you don’t have to double up on workload on the Wedding day. We discuss how to not be afraid to ask for what you want (as a videographer in particular) and getting the most out of your couples shoot. We chat the importance of honing your style and developing your portfolio - including the time old paradox of ‘how do I get work in the first place when I haven’t had the opportunity to even build a portfolio?!”. We then move onto discussing some of the key components in the tog/vog’s toolkit - self awareness and empathy; how you can use those skills and your personality to leverage the most with clients. 

Two super important questions com up this week for Amy-Rose and Agne starting with ‘Have we ever had to compromise creatively at a Wedding?’ expanding on how our vision becomes impacted by working within the restrictions of a wedding, its timings and environment. The second part to this question looks at ‘what to do when the rug gets pulled from under you’ …and it feels like literally everything is going wrong. 

The latter half of this episode we discuss that illusive ‘work/life’ balance - structuring your working week (in particular being a working mamma), hitting that work life balance and being careful not to miss those special moments, how to find ‘your client’ and whether you should put prices off or on your website. To finish up we discuss the drier logistics such as contracts and how being self employed can lead to being a massive control freak, with the flip side of that being the privilege of doing everything on your terms.

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In episode 3 of our mentoring YouTube Series, we look at how on Earth do I market myself - what are referral groups? How do I do a styled shoot? and are wedding fairs still a thing?

One of the hardest things for an introverted creative is ‘selling yourself’, we talk about how we do it, through social media - how to mix personal work and showing clients and followers your personality. SEO is another key feature to marketing and also how being on a venue supplier list can help with enquiries.

We finish on one of the most important aspects when you work by yourself - that is community!

If you've ever fancied a look behind the scenes as to what goes on at a real Wedding - here is my unabridged 'how I approach a Wedding' and how to navigate the key parts whilst keeping your cool and really enjoying the day too. 

Weddings have been my full time job for 7/8 years now and I couldn't have made a better decision. I love the couples I work with and really enjoy the creativity and challenge of shooting moment to moment in the fast paced environment of the Wedding Day.

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