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Amy-Rose is a Birmingham based documentary wedding photographer, specialising in relaxed, natural imagery. Amy-Rose is also a relaxed family photographer based in Birmingham. She works closely with famies with autism and disability to produce natural, relaxed photographs.


My flexible and nurturing approach to family photo shoots enables me to capture you and your family just as you are. There's very little posing,


 We can shoot in any location really, so long as every one is comfortable and enjoying themselves! Most of my cleints like to meet up in a park or a forest, so their children are free to play in investigate their surroundings.

However, I am also very happy to shoot at your home, or anywhere you feel is significant to you as a family. 

To book for a family photo shoot, I require payment at time of booking. Sometimes the weather might prevent us from shooting outdoors, but thats no problem because we can always reschedule. For prices take a look here.


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