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Receiving your Wedding Photo Book

Paul was kind enough to let me take a few shots of him as he unpacked his Wedding Photo Book for the first time.

Together we worked on a layout that was clean and timeless - there are no jazzy borders or special effects in my Wedding Photo Books, we let the pictures speak for themselves. The design is for simplicity and elegance - I know most things go out of date quite quickly, but I want you to be able to enjoy these photo's in 20 years time.

Nothing compares to a print, there isnt a digital frame, a facebook profile picture or an online gallery that comes close.

We want to take time with your images.

This 11 x 13 inch boxed Wedding Photo Book is £500 including a consultation and photo selection with yourself. At around 80-100 images spread over the 24 pages, they also make a nice addition to your family photo shoot. Plus, they only take around 2 weeks to arrive from ordering, there's no hanging round.

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