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Laura Laura lovely Laura. This young lady has been working tirelessly on finalising her dance portfolio for London School of Dance. She approached me to do the shoot and although it's not something I have done before, I looked forward to the opportunity to get creative within the often prescriptive realms of studio photography.

She arrived at my house with Mom and make-up artist in tow, with a suitcase full of outfits and shoes. Needless to say there was at least 5 opetions for each 'look' she wanted to style. It was so nice working with such a grounded young lady who had such a clear idea of what she wanted and where she was going.

We chatted about the dance world, London, hair and makeup (of course) and also about her brother Sam, whom I shot back at the beginning of the year.

What a force and what a beauty. We managed to get outside for 5 minutes before the toorential rain arrived, but the rest were shot in my home studio. Here are just a few from the shoot:

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