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WHY YOU SHOULD BOOK THE PRO'S - (Birmingham photographers are the best)

Already this Summer, I have had some amazing oppotunities to work with some of the most taleted, dedicated and downright fun photographers about at the moment. Each photographer has ther own style and their own vision for wedding photography.

So, this got me thinking, 'why should a couple book a professional photographer for their wedding day?' Well, here are the conclusions I drew, based on working with my Birmingham photographer friends. The top 5 reasons you should book the pro's interspliced with my own bridal prep photographs from Lauren and Warren's Silverstar Photographic wedding. The wedding itself was set at majestic Coombe Abbey in Coventry and it was a scorcher of a day. Big congratulations to Lauren and Warren and bigger congrats for booking Silverstar Photographic!

1. We know what works. There is a split second where you have to make a decision around composition, light, posing, lines, symmetry, balance and not to mention how the subject feels, if they are enjoying themselves, if they are comfortable etc. We can see a photo before we even lift a camera to our eye and we know what will make for a pleasing and interesting photo. Because we have done it thousands of times, despite every couple, location, lighting, environment being totally different.

2. We see things with fresh eyes. The way we percieve things is generally unbiased, so you will recieve honest, authentic images. You might have them styled up to a particular photographers vision (thats Michelle from Silverstar Photographic below, photographing the brides shoes at a window ledge), which is all for the better. We embrace each others differences and ideas, which help us grow and keep moving forward. You will therefore hopefully always be booking a photographer at the top of their game, if they are open to fresh ideas.

3. We are obsessed. Photography has become my life's learning. I feel like everything I have done so far, working with people has lead me to this passion of mine. Its relentless -the second I come across an obstacle, I literally wont sleep until I've figured it out. You can't possibly know everything about everything - but wouldn't you like to know that the person taking your photo's is as obsessed over the details as you are?

4. We have processes, systems and workflow. It isn't hit or miss. When you book a professional, you can expect a professional service. Whether its the initial e-mail being an immediate response, when your are given an estimation for how long your photo's will take or which print labs to use once you've coo'd over your wedding photographs. We have practised these systems day in, day out and there is no guesswork.

(4.5 - we know how brides dresses go together)

5. You can relax and sit back, knowing that the documentation of the biggest day of your life is being taken care of. You will be able to get giddy over the experince of looking at your photos for the first time. You can cherish those moments that you shared with your family and friends again and again.

There are my top 5 reasons why you should book a professional photographer!

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