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'Working Girl' - Styled shoot at Branston Plastics, Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

'Working Girl' inspired factory photo shoot at Branston Plastics, Jewellery Quarter. Shoot date -

May 2015.

Most of us remember the World War Two poster girl ‘Rosie the Riveter’ with the efficacious slogan ‘We can do it’, arching over a young woman in work suit and scarf in her hair. All contributors to our to ‘working girl’ photo shoot are strong, career-minded women and keen to pay homage to such a memorable poster. Alas, the inspiration and was born and the girls began plotting the shoot straight off the bat.

As a group, the girls wanted a shoot that characterised the grit and determination of working women everywhere, but also something that was paid tribute to the real ‘working girls’ of World War Two. Both glamour and strength played a dual role in the in atmosphere of the shoot, paying tribute to not only women from World War Two, but women the world over.

Women’s liberation has come a long way in the last half a century and had it not been for the grit and determination of those ladies running the country at home, whilst their men were at war, the world could have been a very different place today. For example, in the UK, during war time, women were paid on average only 53% of a mens wage for the same job. Nowadays, although we are not equal with male counterparts in pay, the figures are much higher, at somewhere around 81% as of 2014.

In the spirit of the courage and awesomeness of women during the war, I would like to introduce you to those who contributed to the shoot and why they were keen to work on it. Each of them are successful working woman and artists in their own right, most of them building their own businesses from scratch to earn a sustainable income.

Models - Alice Hutchings and The Mimi Rose

Location - Branston Plastics, Jewellery Quarter (Thanks guys!)

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