I'm so glad I took my camera

I've just been transported through looking back at my personal photos, so much so that I've dedicated a small section on my website to them. I am so glad I took them. Even when I considered having a ‘day off’, I still took my camera (often my 35mm Minolta film camera). What I have now, is a visual record of places I’ve been, trips I’ve taken, parties I’ve been to. Even when there was nothing to document - just that was still worth documenting. What could have easily been forgotten is all just there. The smells, the sounds and the people you were with.

If you consider life to be a series of events, one after each other, that build together to become 'your life', you might consider how these events came about in the first place. Before they happened, they were merely just a thought of something that could happen, then slowly the event starts to take form and eventually it happens. Before you know it, you are left the other side of the event and looking forward to the next. A thought, an action and then the memory of what just happened. I realise thats an overly simplified way to look at life but it works in the context of this newsletter, so humour me. The point is, I’m just so glad I chose to document it, rather than leaving the camera at home. There was that moment that I could have chosen to not bother.

Whether these moments have significance or not, is irrelevant, because maybe you could see that event as the consequence of just a tiny thought. You could also see them as one of your most treasured things, which really were worth documenting.

Amy-Rose x

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