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Charlie and Pete - Gloucestershire Wedding Photography

You know that moment when you're best mate calls you up to say her boyfriend just proposed and they're getting married ... in like 3 months... no?

Just me then.

To be fair, if there was any couple on the planet that could pull this off, its these two, hands down. And they did. I'm going to find it really hard to talk objectively about them because there is just too much love there.

I've known Charlie for the last 10 years and time after time she has proven herself to be such an incredibly strong and loving woman. I know Pete is the man for her because not only can he keep her ruthless expectations in check (love you), he allows her to be entirely herself. He doesn't smother her (which she would hate), he does his own thing, but keeps an eye on her from a distance. You can see it in their eyes, they are one of those couples whose match is so annoyingly perfect.

Anyway, back to the wedding.

Their ceremony was at St.Mary's Parish Church in Frampton and was complete with a beautiful choir and singer to entertain guests whilst the register was signed. Charlie wore an incredible dress from The Mews Bridal in Bristol by Alice Temperley. Charlie and Pete were escorted to the reception by Pete's dad Rollo in their wedding present - a VW Campavan which has apparently become a bit of a family heirloom. Their reception then took place at the amazing building that is Frampton Court Estate with a beautiful marquee out the back, by the lake. Despite the continuous rain - it still felt like a summer wedding with gorgeous fresh flowers, tree stump decor, homemade jam favours and a fantastic caterer Best of Taste who did her upmost to ensure everyone was as well fed and watered as could be.

The party photos speak for themselves - Sarah, Pete's sister was able to find this incredible 10 piece band called The Trojans seriously, book them, they were amazing. Then there was the silent disco. If I'm honest I didn't get it when Charlie first suggested the idea - but she was right, of course she was right. It was the best idea of the century.

I still can't believe how quickly it came round and has now passed - I want to live this day again and again. I also got the best seat in the house at my friends wedding - what a priviledge.

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