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2022 - It Just Gets Better and Better

So what is it that I capture? Joy, anticipation, emotion, togetherness, closeness, moments, adventure, disco fever, love?

All of it, basically.

This is my drive, the reason I am forever chasing those beautiful and fleeting moments through out the Wedding day. The feeling I get when the elements in a photo come together for me is second to none - sometimes you get really lucky with the light and other times, you paddle upstream to 'make it happen'... either way its worth its weight in gold.

I would like to take this moment though to thank all my wonderful couples from 2022 for putting their faith in me to capture their day through my lens. Once in a lifetime this marriage business and not for one second have I ever forgotten what a privilege it is to do this job.

So I give you my 2022 couples, in reverse!

On to 2023!