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Isabel and Alex - Moor Farm - Gloucestershire wedding photgrapher

I had such a fun day back in July with Isabel and Alex and their Moor Farm - Featherdown Glamping wedding. From the second I walked into bridal prep, I got the sense that their beautiful family home full of colourful and eclectic art and literature would be a good indicator for what I had I store. From their house, the bridal party processed through Gloucestershire to their local church, where they tied the knot, with ribboned staffs in hand.

Isabel and Alex have a talented bunch of friends who really bought their ideal wedding to life - singers, writers, actors, musicians and even some with a new found penchant for flower arranging.

Isabel’s amazing 20’s influenced dress was actually her Mother’s which she had altered and embroidered to suit the style she was looking for - it was just perfect with Alex’s floral pattered suit and pink tie, not to mention the wild flowers covering the church and venue.

The whole wedding was just amazing and ended perfectly with the great Fitty Gomash Ceilidh group. I’m gonna put this out there and say they are the best I’ve heard so far and the group involvement was excellent, so much energy that my lens struggled to move fast enough to capture. A real authentic band.

Thanks for having me! X



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