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Rachael & Mike - Blackwell Grange - Warwickshire Wedding Photography

I don’t think I stopped laughing from start to finish with Rachael and Michael. The most fun was had at their Blackwell Grange Wedding Venue Wedding on Thursday! Well, I say laughing, there were also tears, but the best kind, mainly from Rachael and also straight from the heart, so they are to be encouraged anyway. (Sorry @Amy Rose Makeup!)

Rachael’s gorgeous off the shoulder number was by British designer @Mark Lesley and we certainly made the most of it in the last of the evening sun at the new wild flower area at Blackwell. I also fell in love with their neon pink signage ‘The Days’ which sat behind them during the speeches.

On a personal note, this wedding party made me feel so welcome, sorry to the ushers whom kept getting papped eating/drinking, but you know, it is a wedding, its antisocial not to. I also learnt that you can literally cut jersey bridesmaid dresses to length on the day and that I should always continue to carry clear parcel tape in my car, you never know when you’ll need it

Thank you so much for having me!



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