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Rosie & Andy - Larmer Tree Gardens - Salisbury Wedding Photography

People like to tell Rosie she looks like other people. I get that a lot too, so she wasn’t in the least surprised when I made a reference Florence Welch, but just you know, more beautiful. Her lace dress by Poppyperspective, especially made for her from reclaimed piano cloth looked absolutely stunning along with fresh flowers and plait in her hair, had the perfect summer look. Andy (who didn’t look like anyone else other than Andy, but how great he did indeed look) wore a blue suit and a double Windsor knotted tie and jazzy pocket handkerchief.

The two met at Uni and Rosie told a great story in her speech about how she stumbled over Andy at a party, literally as he’d fallen asleep on the bottom step of a stairwell. What an intro. The two of them have such a beautiful relationship and their Larmer Tree Weddings was the perfect Summer party. They even managed to magic away the rain for the whole time they needed the grounds for. Check out their ceremony infant of the Lower Indian Room and their first dance in front of the Singing Theatre. Just glorious.

Thanks for having me you guys!



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