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Rachel and Richard - Birmingham Wedding Photography at St.George's Church and Birmingham Botanic

Rachel and Richard are like rare birds, their beauty is such that you cant help but stop and look.

Their wedding day at St.George's Church Edgbaston and then Birmingham Botanical Gardens was just perfect. Both Rachel and Richard have occupations in the Military, so it would only be proper to have a traditional wedding compete with sword arch, Bavarian Oompa band and whisky (of course there's whisky).

I second shot their wedding along with Simon Brettel Photography whose website you can find here and whose blog post for their wedding you can also find here.

Simon's work needs no introduction - be sure to check out his confetti shot as Rachel and Richard emerge from the church, its seriously impressive.

I had such a great day, thanks everyone for involving me in such a fun affair.

Here's my edit - as I started off with groom prep at the Marriott hotel by Five Ways Birmingham for groom prep, you can see my side of the story by comparison with Simons. I love looking at two photographers telling a story and how each interpret it in their own way.

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