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Esther and Desmond - Birmingham Engagement Photography

What an amazing thing to get booked by a couple who put just as much energy and enthusiasm into their engagement shoot as you do. I was in my element - it was all about fun and our adventures around Birmingham - the places that hold significance to Esther and Desmond.

Its traditional in Singapore to wear your wedding outfits for an engagement shoot, something I was quite surprised by when Esthers initial enquiry came through. I'm embarrassed to admit that it wasn't until we actually started shooting that I actually thought - 'yes, this works'. Their engagement shoot was truly surreal and passers by were flabberghasted as they watched Esther in her Vera Wang dress skip through puddles and dodge mud like a pro.

The pair are true loves and I dont think I've read much more of a touching story than the one Esther e-mailed me about their relationship. Its beautiful, giving, and sacred. It's also bigger than their just the two of them - for example Desmond takes Esthers father out for dinner every fortnight whilst Esther is away studying in Birmingham and he is back home in Singapore.

I think I've got a lot to learn of these pair. I'm sure we all have.

For now, all I can do is thank them for booking with me and allowing me to capture the Birmingham side of their relationship and giving me an insight into the compassionate, wonderful duo that is Esther and Desmond.



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