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Virtual Studio Launch - Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham Photography

VIRTUAL STUDIO LAUNCH - PART 1: LOOKING OUT OVER THE SEA I’m writing this newsletter on a Thursday. I’ve been in my studio for exactly four days and I feel like I’m in a good position to describe the ‘moving in’ experience.

I've sat here each morning and had coffee on my sofa, strategically placed just under the window. Outside of the window has looked pretty much the same every morning - there appears to be a heavy blue/grey line of cloud over the horizon. Its a really flat industrial horizon too, and it gives me the same feeling that I get when I look out over the sea. I’m on the 7th floor of The Big Peg, so I’ve got a great vantage looking down on Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. As I sit and write this, I can hear a mixture of factories opening shutters, lorries reversing and seagulls making their noise. I didn't realise the Jewellery Quarter attracted so many seagulls, perhaps this is adding to the feeling of being at sea. I get the sense that I’m looking out of a porthole of a ship when I look out of my window. I love these morning hours, there is something entirely different between 7am and 9am (yes I’ve been coming in that early) and although its tough to get myself organised and into town for 7am, its worth its waiting gold. On to Part 2...

PART 2: COME ON UP! - FREE PORTRAIT OPENING This week has been so exciting for me - settling into my new studio, booking in clients for head shots and portfolio building along side keeping up with all my other corporate work and of course my wedding and family photography.

I would love to share my excitement with you and offer something quite special…

For me, my business is about YOU as much as it is about me and its my clients that have helped me achieve this studio. Without clients, I don't have a business so I’m just over the moon to have you all behind me.

So, for my virtual launch, I would love to invite all of you up to my studio for a look at my view over the Jewellery Quarter and come take a seat in my portrait chair. What I want to build is a collage of photos from people that have visited for the first one month of opening. In return, I will take your portrait and send you a copy. Just give me a call on 07920 797286, you have until March 8th 2016.

This invite is open to anyone - Families, friends, business acquaintances.

So, if you would LOVE YOUR OWN PORTRAIT FOR FREE my new business address is:

Studio 738 - The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street Birmingham B186NF


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