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This is the most important thing

I photographed Wendy and Colin's Golden Wedding Anniversary on Friday (12th Feb 2016) at the gorgeous Hogarths Hotel in Solihull, Birmingham. As life quite often goes, the fortune coming to you is just round the corner, but it never shows itself until its certain that you are absolutely deserving of it. I had no preconceived ideas for photos, no idea if Wendy and Colin would be up for an outdoor photo when its (like) Antarctica outside and no idea that I would spot these pretty sparkling treesthrough the window of the room they were celebrating in. I had all of about 3 minutes to set up this photo and for anyone that does off camera flash, you will know that you normally need some time to tinker around with both your camera and flash settings before everything is correct. I didn't have that time, Colin wanted photos with his golf buddies and there were loads of family members inside that still needed capturing. In my eyes though, this was the most important photo. 50 years in my young(ish) mind is a really long time to do anything, so the idea of being married to someone for this time is a concept I am amazed by. But, I shouldn't be amazed. Modern life and quick relationships shouldn't jade my thoughts about longevity in marriage and these two are living proof that marriages do work and do stay together if you are both willing to fight for them. My longest relationship is just over 3 years and I've always been inclined to think that there's nothing more important than the person you are with and showing them you love them. So much grows from your relationship with another person and it became evident to me, as I photographed a room full of their family and friends. People become stronger together and it makes me feel so happy for Wendy and Colin that they are still so in love after 50 years. Thank you for showing me what true love looks like after 50 years of marriage. Thank you for showing me the most important thing. Marriage. Not just a wedding, but marriage. Thanks, Amy-Rose x

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