My first paid wedding gig - 4 years ago!

So here’s a slice of what my first ever paid wedding gig looked like. Helen and Tom’s beautiful wedding at Kelmarsh Hall was back in 2012.

The thing is, I really, really loved it all. Although I wasn't the main photographer, I loved the fact that I could get paid to photograph people - it felt like a dream. So much so that it felt too good to be true and so I shied away for a couple of years. Isn't it silly that the thing that you often want most seems too unobtainable that you don't actually try for it in the first place.

Admittedly, these photos technically aren’t fantastic (sorry Helen and Tom). I would have shot this wedding with one camera (Canon 550D) and an 18-55mm kit lens and NO FLASH! But, what I find more interesting though, is the fact that despite my technical inept-ness, I still shot in the same way as I do now. Despite everything I’ve learnt - it still boils down to the same fact - that it all starts with YOU. And as far I as I aware, they were super happy with their photos.