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In search of beauty

I've been mulling this subject over in my mind for what feels like an age. I'm coming to recognise that, as photographers, its a given that we are always in search of beauty. There is always a new idea, a growth in a particular direction or something that we can't quite grasp hold of yet that is calling out to be photographed.

For those that know, a portion of my time goes towards running a Facebook group called ‘Exceptional Beauty’. The goal of the group is to recognise and empower beauty within disability. We do this by sharing pictures of people we know, family, friends or people we work with in a positive environment. I truly believe that it is a privilege to work with some amazing individuals and recognise true beauty shining through those photos whenever someone posts something.

This is one area of my life that I feel is beautiful.

There are so many other's to. Its probably an endless task, but I decided to think of the first 10 things that popped into my head that I also thought were beautiful, so here goes:

1. Seeing and being in the presence of a glowing smile - one that is proud and honest. I believe anyone that can give me a great big, confident smile becomes more beautiful for it.

2. Kindness.

3. Seeing an old face that you might not have caught up with for years and that feeling that everything is right where you left it and really you’re exactly where you need to be right now. That is a beautiful feeling.

4. Seeing somebody that deserves happiness receive some good news and watching them in that moment.

5. Watching someone you love whilst they are asleep.

6. Watching your child grow. 7. A great pair of shoes.

8. When people cry. I hope this doesn't sound sadistic, but I think some people look more beautiful when they cry. Something about them letting their guard down and letting you in on that moment with them. 9. That first glass of wine ;) 10. Setting off to explore something that scares you but you do it anyway. Realising that you were brave and made all the better for that experience. I’m sure I could go on writing this list all day. Feel free to let me know any big ones that I’ve missed! I might write about this subject on a bigger scale, and I look forward to sharing your ideas.

Much love, Amy-Rose x

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