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Lola Love - Documentary Family Photography

Your small fingers with their peely skin, the softness of your hair behind your ear, the tiny noises you make when we don't expect it. Everthing about this little lady is so perfect.

No photoshopping, no posing, just you as you, the way you are right now.

Documentary family photography starts with what is happening right now. It doesn't interfere, its really a bystander to the main event, watching and recording. As a photographer, there is an element of constructing and composition in a frame because of course, every moment even is open to interpretation. By photographing in a candid way we really push the ‘momentness’ of that moment. How this works is I come to you - wherever you find yourselves at this particular time in your life, more often than not its at home. I spend time with you and work around whatever you would normally doing. If you decide to go for a walk, I come with you, if its dinner time or sports club, I'm there. What you then have is a document of exactly how things are right now.

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