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Helen and Ayden - Highbury Hall Wedding Photography

As I write this blog post, I'm sat trying to get my head around the fact that I photograph people having fun. Thats literally it. Thats the biggest part of what I do. Its overly gushy, but I'm so privileged to have this job and through writing these posts and re-visiting photographs from this summers weddings, I'm overcome with gratitude and excitement for where this 'occupation' will take me next.

Mush aside.

I've known Ayden for a while - we used to work together in a previous life. Looking back, I wondered if either of us knew that would find our very own 'lobster'. Its clear that Ayden really has found his other half with Helen. They are like one person, its amazing and quite astounding that there was someone out there just like Ayden ;)

Their relationship is seamless and effortless (well, it definitely looks that way) and they clearly love each other by the shed load. This made photgraphing them at Highbury Hall a really easy task. Not to mention all the amazing chinzy decor that I had a field day with.

The light down from the central balcony is just beautiful, which meant no flash for the speeches and lots of natural, EMOTIONAL moments all round, which I was able to capture without being noticed, so I'm told.

Helen looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and was literally the most considerate party host I've ever met. She made everyone feel so happy and comfortable, a truly beautiful person inside and out.

After the sun went down the party was ace - sparklers, garden limbo, a band and the conga of course.

Thanks so much for letting me photograph your lovely wedding x

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