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Ah man this shoot was fun! The Hill family are just so lovely and super happy to have the experience of my Specialist Portraiture Package.

Mom Jo was so excited when she found out she was the winner of my Specialist Portraiture package - ran in conjunction with Undiagnosed Day 2015. Her son is a member of SWAN (Sydromes Without A Name) and so they regularly attend the SWAN meet-ups as a family. He is so cool, so energetic and a real comedian.

Mom Jo said about the shoot:

"OMG!!! I have nearly criend at our photos, they are brilliant!!! We love them. You have captured our family perfectly and got lots of lovely pics of Reuben (well done you, he hates having his pic took as you found out, ha!). Now we have the difficult decision of picking whihc ones to have printed or on canvas! A Massive thank you Amy-Rose, we will treasure them forever"

Well wasn't I chuffed. Reuben was actually just really fun to work with too.

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