"We are in a digital dark age", or so the Google's vice president Vint Cerf told us in last Fridays Metro newspaper. Just think now about all the outmoded forms of storage - floppy disks, VHS, even CD's. Try to find a machine that will read these devices... scary!

We all love using social media as our go to for sharing our lives - for Birthdays, our children's first steps, our achievements (not to mention our countless culinary feats) and even Wedding photos. Its the quickest and easiest way to look at photos. What concerns me is we don't know where we will be in 20 years time. Will we still have Facebook? Will we even have computers that read hard drives? One word: MySpace At the moment, you are purely relying upon technology to keep your precious moments. You have nothing to hold, because according to Kodak Alaris, 'only 12% of people print their photos'. How are we supposed to show our future generations how we were? How things felt?​​

You may recall the time I found my Grandad's photo albums and how moving this was for me. For me of all people to come across this forgotten gold mine of family memories. I can proudly admit, I am not a hoarder, but there are some things worth keeping. I love the idea of preserving thin