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Why I've invested in you

We may have met at a fair, you may have found me online, I may have even been fortunate enough to be a recommendation. Either way, you got to the point where you dropped me and e-mail or a phone call to ask for my availability. You may have some special requests or things you aren't sure about, so you ask a few more questions. You may want something that isn't listed on my website. Which ever it is, I will always try to accommodate where I can. Because you are my investment. It might not always be practical for us to meet in person before a wedding (its only being countries apart that would hinder this process by the way). However, whether its through my 'Get to know us' questionnaire or us having a chat about your dress, the more we learn about each other, in my opinion, the better. I want you to feel as confident as possible in front of the camera, so I invest my time. Selfishly, it also allows me to get closer, enabling me capture events happening right in front of me, like the photo of Laura at the top of the page. Tonight, I'm meeting up with Laura and Adam in person for the fourth time. This is aside from their actual wedding day (their photos are on my blog by the way). Apart from the fact that I really enjoy meeting up with them for coffee (wine), I know that the relationship I have built as their photographer is a before, during and after job. This time we will be discussing photo books and my ability to not fall into a water fountain whilst capturing their group shots at their wedding (true story).

Earlier in the week, I tried to put myself in your shoes. I thought about the things that might enter your mind before taking the step to book a wedding photographer. I had a quick google for 'Birmingham Wedding Photographer' And I was so overwhelmed. So, the dizziness you get when you first start looking is totally natural. I felt it. There are plenty of us. However, Somewhere along the line, you make a choice about your wedding vendors. A bit like when you said 'yes' to your partner, you have to make a decision that is right for you. That way, maybe you don't settle for the cheapest or the most fashionable (maybe you did!). Maybe you chose that particular photographer (not partner) because of the way they captured kids at weddings or their romantic couples portraits, whatever it was, something said to you 'they are my photographer'. And then YOU become their investment because they know you chose them out of the squillion other photographers out there. Thanks,

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