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Vicky & Steven (& Ella) - Nuthurst Grange Wedding Photography

Well, what can I say?

What a wonderful family and a wonderful wedding.

I photographed Vicky and Stevens wedding at Nuthurst Grange, Solihull on Easter Sunday. I would like to say the weather was mild - but it wasn't. Storm Kate arrived and along with both Vicky and their young daughter Ella dosed up on antibiotics, there was the potential for this event - this huge, massive deal, once-in-a-lifetime kind of event to have been a wee bit stressful. The world does like to test you, even on your wedding day.

True to form though - Vicky and Steven pulled it off. Not only that, they hosted one amazing wedding. Vicky's day started with the super talented Fay from Hair Hostess and Make-up by Danielle Guiden. Whilst photographing Vicky's jewellery and dresses - I asked Fay 'where do you find your inspiration for wedding hair?' Fay replied 'From the person'. I loved that. No two hair do's the same.

The rest of the day was an emotional rollercoaster to say the least - Nuthurst Grange and their team were awesome and from friends singing during the ceremony, tearful speeches and an epic party, their day was truly theirs. It even came complete with a two-sided Marvel comic book cake from Birminghams Jewellery Quarter Baker - The Cake Quarter. (Steven, you geek).

Thanks so much for having me along on your wedding day, I have some idea of how important this day was to you - as it is for every couple. But you guys truly deserve a lifetime of happiness and I'm sure you'll take everything in your stride and do it the way you do.

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