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Robin and Terri - The Distillery & Moseley Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival Wedding - Birming

THIS IS COOPER TIME! (Again) and it is just as glorious the second time looking back through your images. Guys, this wedding was incredible. I still remember Robins words 'Imagine your dream music lineup... then imagine they got together on the day of your wedding'. They planned their day around this festival, officially a second home for the couple and also somewhere I've been desperate to go to for years.

Their whole day was just a massive slice of Terri and Robin pie. Everything they loved, rolled into the most awesome feast of gin, vintage lace dress (Terri's was by Claire Pettibone at James Bridal in Nottingham, oh and her lovely makeup by Kristene), great food, pork pie wedding cakes (and an actual cake), fancy dress, stunning flowers (these by Vanda Vase), water boat and red bus transport and of course, the music. The couple tied the knot at The Distillery in Birmingham and then had their wedding receptions at Moseley Mostly Jazz Funk and Soul Festival. It was just so incredible to shoot and you guys really 'went in' on enjoying the day to the max. That, coming from someone who wasn't even sure is she saw herself getting married?! (Terri's words, not mine!).

What I saw over and above all was how much love you guys have for each other and how much fun you had on the day. There were few formalities, you both arrived by water boat, you had your friend give us an awesome ceremony and your first dance in front of a DJ set. Love you guys! Thanks so much for having me involved and giving so much of the day to me and the taking of your photos!

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