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The morning of the wedding. Your photographer arrives at your house for prep photos. How do you feel about having your wedding photos taken? Have you discussed this with them or even thought about it yourself? Do you feel self assured? Confident? Maybe not. More like nervous and embarrassed. That is, if you are like most people. Irrelevant of looks, most people become anxious in front of a camera. The reason for this is vulnerability. They suddenly feel expected to perform or act in a different way to how they would usually. They become unsure about how to be, how to interact with their other half and worry about the photographers expectations etc. Think about how strange the concept of posing is - would we ever find you in those positions in real life? Unless you're a contortionist, we can all agree that the best type of posing looks natural, something your body and face feels comfortable doing. LETS BE REAL. As photographers, we have the scary position of being able to take an unaltered picture of you that is very REAL. No filers, no posing, no selective cropping. And its in high-res. Sorry about that. We know how we would like to look in a photo and no doubt have a photo of ourselves that we quite like. But who is to say that any of the photos from your wedding day will look like this? What if we will be truly don't like the way we look? Well, I guess if you have any areas you are self conscious about, it would be a good idea to communicate this to your photographer. Parts of your body you're not dead keen on? Or a height difference between you and your fiancé? Chances are that nobody else has ever nor will ever notice this, but if you tell us, we get a head start and can work with you. Another good idea is to focus on what you are about as couple. This shifts the emphasis and is not just about figure and form. It becomes more about connection and the intangible love bubble that hovers around you when you're together. ITS ABOUT PEOPLE. A little while ago, I had a meeting with an old client. She was introducing me to her colleagues and said something that has really stuck with me. She said 'This is Amy-Rose, she's a wedding photographer from Birmingham... you should see her photo's, she just gets people'. And that was it, I was made up. Never before had I heard a more simple way of phrasing what I aim to do with my photography. A big part of my job is to read and understand people in an instant. I can only speak for myself, but I would say 75% of my work is about managing expectations and how people are feeling, in order to get good photographs. No amount of posing will change that fake smile that says: 'I would rather be getting smashed with my mates than stood here, next to a tree, in the rain, doing weird poses'. Or you may love that bit the best and want to escape your family and friends. Each to their own. Either way, its about you. Its flexible. Lets work together because if there's anything I've learnt is that there are no two couples the same, so why would I give them the same treatment? Do you have any concerns about your wedding photos? Get in touch and lets discuss.

Amy-Rose x

Amy-Rose is a Birmingham based photographer specialising in documentary wedding photography and relaxed family photo shoots. She also works closely with charities and services in the Health and Social Care sector, providing coverage for events and one to one portrait sessions with clients. To speak to Amy-Rose about a wedding, a family photo shoot or how she can work with your organisation, give her a call on 07920 797 286 or simply e-mail

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