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You are my inspiration

YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION As a photographer, wedding photography in particular puts you in good stead for pretty much any other type of photography job. I can’t think of any other commission whereby the variables change so quickly and you have to be ready. Not only ready but the expectation is to produce your best work every time.

The weather, the lighting, the guests, the couples, the venue staff, the timings, the group shots, the locations - all need to be photographed in their own unique way.

Unique because YOU have decided to include them as part of your big day.

You decided what you were going to have confetti cannons, YOU decided to get your friends band to play live, YOU decided that you wanted THAT dress and YOU decided where Grandma was going to sit.

The way I see all of these components to your wedding day is an extension of your relationship. Therefore I want to photograph everything in a way that is personal to you.

It goes without saying that there are certain techniques (especially when it comes to lighting) that you learn from experience. Sometimes, with composition there are some rules that make for an effective photo. Then again, sometimes things really start to come together when you break the rules. The trick as a photographer is being able to pull this knowledge together in an instance and create something that is so personal, that you know your couple will never see another set of photos like it. Simply because THEY were the inspiration behind the photos. I don't have a set list of poses and I definitely don't plan particular photo's for a wedding day or an engagement shoot. How could I? I won't know how you're feeling, what the weather is like, if everything is running to time. Wedding photography is at its best when its documented in a truthful, honest way, when it is reactive to all of these different factors and produces something that is entirely YOURS.

Interested to see how I would photograph your story? Lets go for a coffee (and some cake) and see where the conversation goes. Thanks, Amy-Rose x

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