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Carol and Pauls Hogarths Wedding - Birmingham Wedding Photographer

When I met Carol and Paul, it couldn't have been a better day to have met them, personally speaking.. They are a true testament to the fact that love can happen at any point and time in your life...and on this day, at Hogarths Solihull, , 17 years on, it was finally time for them to tie the knot.

Their family and friends will understand this sentiment exactly - cheers and whistles during their outdoor ceremony, I get the impression they had been waiting for this day a long time.

Their wedding was heavily influenced by trips and holidays they have been on together - as Paul is a Graphic designer, the two had worked on a lot of the details themselves, including my handmade invite, and a table plan map of the world with pretty gold string directing guests to their table of origin.

To photograph, this couple were so natural together. Their love for each other is ever present in their delicate giggles, their arms around each other and most importantly the was they look at each other - it melted my heart entirely.

Thank you for filling my heart with love and my eyes with tears, it was a privilege to be involved on your wedding day.

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