I love second shooting weddings for many reasons, but the main one is that I get to have fun, capturing details without the sole responsibility of wedding photography on my shoulders. Second shooting for those of you that aren't 'tog boffins is shooting as support for the main photographer - who in this case was John Charlton.

This blog post is about the inbetweeners (often my favourite shots, even when its my own wedding). The shots between the shots. They are so great because they give you the 'feel' to an event.

It may be a crude analagy, but here's how I describe the difference beteen the 'main' photos and 'the inbetweeners': If the main photography was a building, it would be the structure and foundations; without it you haven't really got a building, so they are essential. What I am interested in here is the softer parts of the building - such as the furnishings, the smells, the pictures on the walls, the trippy plug socket that you don't go near. These are the parts that really give your building personality - the bit that you recognise and feel when you have arrived in a place.

This couple were married at Birmingham Registry Office, with the reception at Metro Bar in the city centre. I was with the couple and John for just 4 hours, but that was enough time to get a feel for what a great couple they are. Thanks for inviting me along everybody!